Review: YUCK Circus, at Underbelly’s Circus Hub

YUCK Circus is a crude, hilarious, larger-than-life theatrical experience which high-kicks expectations and conformity in the nuts. The show is full of surprises, and highly entertaining all round.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

For a circus show, this production is fairly light on circus stunts. But the acrobatics that are included are impressive, and empowering to watch.

I’ll admit that I did spend Georgia Deguar’s ‘blockhead’ stunt thinking that she definitely shouldn’t be hammering a nail into her own face, and really wishing that she would stop – but my slightly horrified reaction is probably a good indicator of the impact of her performance.

I suspect that some people in the audience felt a bit more taken aback by the show. It certainly wasn’t what I had been expecting, but I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway.

The production has a unique and fantastic style of humour. Ella Norton, in particular, gives a masterfully comedic performance.

Images courtesy of Anthony Rex and Vicki Jones

YUCK Circus touches on a lot of subjects which can be uncomfortable, without ever taking itself too seriously. The company’s website describes that: “We’re not lightly throwing around women’s issues – we’re literally throwing women.” And that is exactly what they do – in a show which is fantastic fun from start to finish, never slowing in pace or loosing the audience’s full attention.

The Edinburgh Fringe is all about seeing shows that are ‘a bit different’, and YUCK Circus has to be the most ‘different’ thing I’ve seen this year. I loved how caught-off-guard I felt by the powerful performance which refused to hold back, and instead covered everything from periods to poor decisions made whilst drinking.

You can catch YUCK Circus at Underbelly’s Circus Hub until the 24th August, at 4pm. Tickets can be booked here.

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